Obsidian’s Grounded Makes You Micro Sized

Grounded is Obsidian Entertainment’s New Survival Game

During Xbox XO19, Obsidian Entertainment unveiled their upcoming survival game that shrinks gamers down to the size of an ant. In addition to surviving the elements such as armies of ants and giant spiders gamers will be able to collect resources by breaking things down to create a home base or get even more creative and build recreated Ewok village. Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded will be getting an Game Preview phase and will officially release in Spring 2020 for PC and Xbox One and it will be available for Xbox Game Pass day one.

Grounded Obsidian

Gamers will have to survive the micro-world of a suburban backyard that’s full of massive hostile insects in a sandbox structure that allows gamers to create their own experience from the ground up. Gather materials by breaking down sticks, rocks and other items found in the backyard setting to create bases with everyday objects you’d find in a backyard. We’re excited to build a micro-sized Goldshire in Grounded and can’t wait to see all of the ways gamers use this world to build their own creations. Though this world is full of hostile insects, there are also peaceful ones that may be helpful rather than a hindrance such as the ladybug or perhaps daddy long legs.

Grounded uses narrative driven story telling alongside an environment that tells its own story. Gamers will find that chores they could easily accomplish in our human size will be gargantuan tasks for a shrunk down human. The familiar yet fantastical world can be experienced solo or in four person co-op in which gamers can work together to complete missions or just explore and build in the backyard. Apparently the game will include cooking alongside the crafting and we hope this means several different recipes rather than a simple roasting of whatever unfortunate insects cross our path.

Are you excited to immerse yourself into Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming Grounded? What sort of structures are you going to build in the backyard setting? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Dualshockers