Upcoming Minecraft Updates Include Character Creation and New Enemies; New Co-op Game Coming in 2020

All New Content Is Coming to Minecraft!

Minecraft is getting a free character creator and a new “Nether” update, according to a MINECON Live announcement made on Saturday. There’s also a new co-op game launching in 2020 that’s titled “Minecraft Dungeons” The “Nether” update “will add new biomes, mobs, structures, blocks and visual effects to the Nether to enhance its unique and scary atmosphere” while the character creator will have more than 100 creation options.


The character creator has options for “hair, eyes, mouths, skin textures, facial hair, and body sizes” and there’s also purchasable accessories. Also, capes are coming to Minecraft and players can get a free Founder’s Cape when capes come to the game later this year. Additionally, the character creator is available in Minecraft Earth and customized characters can appear in that game.

As for the “Nether” update, it will focus on a Nether race called the “Piglins” who “are a hostile mob that really like gold and practice in a variant of trading called bartering.” The Piglins’ lust for gold is so extreme that they’ll attack anyone who opens nearby chests. However, they’ll ignore players who strut about in gold armor. The update also brings two new Nether biomes, Soulsand Valley and Netherwart Forest.

On a different note, there’s a chance to play Minecraft Dungeons early if you sign up for it. It features “new mobs and enemies” for players to take on.

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Source: Press release