Minecraft Earth Begins Early Access in US

The United States Joins Other Minecraft Earth Early Access Countries

The United States is the tenth country to join the Minecraft Earth early access according to the official Twitter page for the game. The free-to-play game is still in an ongoing beta phase which is rolling out to new countries over time and it’s finally available in the US. Apparently, developer Mojang will release Minecraft Earth in more regions soon, but they haven’t specified any dates as of now. The website for the mobile title has plenty of information on how to get set up with the early access on both iOS and Android and you can check it out here!

Minecraft Earth

The other countries that are already part of the Minecraft Earth early access beta are the United Kingdom, Canada, South Korea, the Philippines, Sweden, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and Iceland. Many people are already cracking the regional restrictions to get their hands on the free-to-play title a little early but it’s likely a significant portion of these people reside in North America where the US is the last to the AR Minecraft party. Minecraft Earth shares AR similarities with Pokemon Go but Mojang brings the familiar blocky building mechanics and visuals to mobile devices and the game includes pocket animals, not pocket monsters.

Minecraft Earth utilizes real-world locations so gamers can find “tapables,” Mojangs version of Pokestops, to collect resources for building. Gamers can build on any flat surface in tabletop mode with 3D holograms which allows them to build life-sized structures with augmented reality and experience what it’s like to walk through them in a way Minecraft can’t currently do. Gamers can team up with others to create architectural art or hunt one of many standard Minecraft creatures, alongside some new ones.

Have you been participating in Minecraft Earth’s early access or has it not rolled out to your region yet? Are you excited to build Minecraft structures around your favorite real-world locations or are you still catching ’em all in Pokemon Go? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech