Anthem is Trying to Bounce Back With New Icetide Event

Never Say Never

To be frank, Anthem had a horrible launch. And that is putting it lightly. Anthem’s first year has been mired in frustration and disappointment. Droves of fans have taken to the internet, smashed controllers, and contacted their local representatives to tell them how bad Anthem is. While there is no denying that Anthem had a disgraceful start, it does not mean that it has to end that way. There is always hope. This appears to be the mindset that EA has adopted towards this game. It has just been announced today that Anthem will be launching a Holiday themed update called Icetide.


Bioware has stated that Icetide is meant to be a holiday that the inhabitants of Bastion celebrate. Winter will have taken over most of the map and “…..the steamy jungles are covered by a blanket of snow, lakes freeze, and ice is harvested for the warmer days ahead.” How festive. Additionally, the main stronghold Fort Tarsis will be decked out with Christmas cheer.

However, this is not just going to be an aesthetic update. The Tyrant Mine Stronghold is going to be adding in a handful of new missions. Players can expect to see timers, score multipliers, Inversions, and leaderboards. Completing these missions will then, of course, give you plenty of Crystals. There are also going to be special winter-themed rewards too.

There has been no official date for when Icetide is set to drop. But it should be sooner than later. Christmas and the Holiday season are right around the corner. Make sure you stay up to date so you don’t miss out on this new update. Nothing lasts forever, so don’t expect Icetide to stick around past New Year’s.

Hopefully Christmas magic can revive Anthem once and for all.