Big Announcements Planned for XO19

The XO19 conference in London Will Have Big Announcements

Microsoft’s big Xbox event in London, XO19, will be packed with big announcements according to the official Twitter for the event. At least 24 games will be playable at the event and twelve Xbox Games Studio titles will be shown off, including new reveals. Gamers can expect big news for Game Pass as well xCloud, with Game Pass getting new titles unveiled at the event. The X019 conference is set to run from November 14-16th in London and the event will be broadcast live on Mixer.


“XO19 kicks off with an episode of Inside Xbox you won’t want to miss,” said a post for the XO19 in London. 12 Xbox Game Studios titles (including new reveals and PC), New PC and Console game reveals for Xbox Game Pass and Big Project xCloud news. Tune in LIVE on Mixer November 14th.” With these upcoming announcements less than a week away, we’re excited for XO19 to show us more of what we can expect from Xbox heading into next-gen.

Xbox Game Studios marketing head, Aaron Greenburg recently explained that he expects this year’s XO19 to be the biggest to date and the accompanying Inside Xbox will be the biggest of the year, both expected to feature unannounced titles. These announcements likely kickoff the content produced by their recent studio spending spree which included purchasing Double Fine and Ninja Theory. We hope to see quality exclusives for the Xbox One as the console has been hurting in that department compared to the PS4.

What would you like to see shown off at XO19 in London this year? Are you excited for Project xCloud or are you more interested in what new titles are coming to Game Pass for Xbox and PC? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt