Best Nintendo Switch Black Friday Deals

Dive into the Nintendo Switch Game Bonanza with Early Discounts and Exclusive Black Friday Offers

As Black Friday approaches, Nintendo enthusiasts can anticipate a treasure trove of enticing deals to enhance their Switch gaming experience. This annual shopping extravaganza promises substantial discounts on Nintendo Switch-exclusive games, and Black Friday 2023 is no exception. While Nintendo has already unveiled a series of official Black Friday deals available at major retailers, the early birds can dive into savings right away, with an array of Switch exclusives priced at $40 or less. To streamline your shopping, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of the most enticing Black Friday Nintendo Switch game deals.

The selection spans a multitude of iconic Nintendo titles, with a particular highlight on The Legend of Zelda series, including the 2023 sensation Tears of the Kingdom, all at discounted rates. The beloved plumber, Mario, is also prominently featured, offering a diverse range of deals encompassing traditional Super Mario platformers and engaging Mario sports games.\

Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros OLED bundle

For those eyeing a bundle, the Super Mario Party Joy-Con package steals the spotlight among the early offers. Priced at $100 as part of Nintendo’s official Black Friday lineup, this bundle includes the popular party game along with a vibrant pair of new red and blue Joy-Con controllers. As an added bonus, select Switch exclusives will witness price slashes ranging from $20 to $30 starting November 19, creating a dynamic array of options for avid gamers.

Beyond game deals, Black Friday beckons with enticing console bundles, featuring the Mario Kart holiday bundle at $300, blue Switch Lite with Animal Crossing, pink Switch Lite with Animal Crossing, and the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. Switch OLED bundle. For those seeking discounts on controllers and additional accessories, our comprehensive roundup of the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals is a one-stop guide to maximizing savings during this gaming bonanza.