BioWare Hasn’t Given up on Mass Effect

BioWare Has Many More Mass Effect Stories to Tell

During N7 Day on Twitter, BioWare general manager and Mass Effect creator Casey Hudson made a statement regarding the future of the series. Hudson claims that BioWare still has many stories to tell in the Mass Effect universe and that the company has many ideas of where they’d like to go with the series moving forward. Currently, BioWare is working on Star Wars: The Old Republic, Anthem and the upcoming Dragon Age 4. Anthem is available now on Xbox One, PC and PS4 while Star Wars: The Old Republic is a PC title.

BioWare Illusive Man - Mass Effect

“We have so many ideas for things we want to do in #MassEffect, so much concept art that hasn’t yet been brought to life, and so many stories yet to tell. #N7Day,” said Casey Hudson in a Twitter post with an assortment of art from the Mass Effect series. This statement likely suggests that Casey Hudson plans to revisit the Mass Effect franchise once BioWare is done with Dragon Age 4. Many people have worried about the future of BioWare after the flop of Anthem but it seems like the developers aren’t giving themselves time to think about shutting down with all of the game ideas they have. 

In a recent interview with Polygon, Casey Hudson also said about the Mass Effect franchise: “in my mind, it’s very much alive. I’m thinking all the time about things that I think will be great. It’s just a matter of getting back to it as soon as we can.” This apparently confirms that the studio will return to the franchise some time after Dragon Age 4. For now, BioWare is celebrating N7 in Anthem with new skins for javelins that resemble various alien species’ from the Mass Effect franchise.

Which of the Mass Effect titles was your favorite and would you like to see the franchise continued in the future? Did Andromeda burn you out on the series or was it Anthem that turned BioWare sour for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt