Diablo IV Getting Expansions Like Other Diablo Titles

Diablo IV Will Have Cosmetic Purchases and Content Rich Expansions

During a recent interview, Lead Designer of Diablo IV, Joe Shely stated that the game would receive expansion packs after launch as well as cosmetic microtransactions. During the interview, Shely was very careful with wording, suggesting it’s still too early to confirm for sure. Apparently Blizzard is still working on their microtransaction and post-launch content models for Diablo IV so gamers can expect quite a way for the new Diablo. For now, you can enjoy Diablo 3 with it’s Reaper of Souls Expansion on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac now.

Diablo IV

Joe Shely confirmed that Diablo IV will have expansions, not an expansion which suggests at least two big content packs beyond the release of the title. Diablo II had Lord of Destruction which had a story that focused on the powerful demon Baal. Diablo 3 had the Reaper of Souls which focused on the Angel of Death Malthael who raises armies of the dead to defeat the bloodline of humanity. It will be interesting to see where the lore goes with Diablo IV and any post-launch expansions or DLC.

Cosmetic microtransactions are nothing new to games these days and other Blizzard titles even feature such visual upgrades for a cost. It’s too early to tell how much the Diablo IV cosmetic goodies will cost, though it will likely be consistent with other Blizzard titles. Because the new Diablo is returning to the gritty and gross feel of the original two games, it would be great to see cosmetics that reflect the design changes in the world.

How many expansions do you expect to see for Diablo IV and what kind of story do you expect Blizzard to tell? Are you happy to buy cosmetic items or do you prefer to unlock what you want through grinding? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt