BioWare Producer: Mass Effect Andromeda Had No Plans for DLC

BioWare Lacked the Dev Count

Mass Effect Andromeda was mired by post-paunch controversy, and that’s probably because development was mired by issues. Five years later, the game shipped, people played, and BioWare Montreal disbanded without leaving any post-launch content. So, why exactly did the team end the game on a whimper? According to BioWare producer Mike Gamble, there was never a plan for DLC.

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AnthemThe studio’s priority is now, which leaves no time for anything else on the docket. The same was true when Mass Effect Andromeda released, which mean no meeting the demand for post-launch content.

“I can speak conclusively when it comes to Andromeda, the [post-launch] plans were never in place the way that they are for Anthem,” Gamble said, in an interview with US Gamer. “The systems and tools weren’t in place to support the long-term plans, it was never like [Anthem] — never had a good, solid foundation to start from with that. Where with Anthem[post-launch] is a part of it. The job does not end on February 22. It only begins for us, really.”

For Anthem, Gamble says players won’t have to worry about post-launch content. The IP is flexible with the studio’s manpower and won’t rely on the classic model of DLC. Instead, new content will arrive in humble packages.

“We don’t have to wait for full expansions anymore like our previous games, let alone other games in the [live service] space,” Gamble continued. “If you look at Dragon Age or Mass Effect you’d have to wait for three, four, five, six months sometimes between big updates. We don’t have to abide by that anymore. We can actually, week-over-week, trickle out content.”

Anthem will launch for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 on February 22, 2018. BioWare recently confirmed that all post-launch DLC will be free, which means players can look forward to ongoing support and engagement. Before you go, let us know your thoughts on Gamble’s comments. Were you hoping for Mass Effect Andromeda DLC, or did the game lack enough merit? Comment down below.