Fans React to New Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Cinematic

Dragon Age fans are eating good this month. They already have an animated Netflix series slated to release this month, and today, they just got something new. A whole cinematic! In honor of #DragonAgeDay, which celebrates the series’ anniversary,  Bioware has made one of Dreadwolf‘s scenes freely viewable on Twitter. Watch it for yourself!

Fan reaction has had all the depth you can expect, and then some. The replies are filled with people analyzing little details, trying to pull everything they can from every little pixel.

Speaking more generally, people are still quite excited for this news about Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. A mixture of excitement and cautious optimism, depending on how hard Bioware’s recent releases hit them.

Hope this is a return to form for Bioware. They’re the reason I love RPGs, going back to their older games especially Mass Effect and Kotor. Feels like they’ve missed a step with the last few games, tho Inquisition was decent.” Says one user.

No other RPG’s have scratched the same itch as Bioware RPGs. Please be good please be good please be good.” Says another.

But that’s just them – what about you? How have you felt about more recent Bioware games? Do you think the studio has what it takes to live up to their past successes? Or will this end up being a Mass Effect Andromeda situation? We’d love to hear your voice in the comments down below!