PlayStation Italy Is so Hyped for Spider-Man, They Threw a Bus in a Lake

They Relied on the Web-Slinger to Save It

The only downside to the launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man is the end of Sony’s glorious marketing train. Today, PlayStation Italy decided to go out with a bang—or a dip rather, a dip into Milan’s artificial lake.

Spider-Man choppa

PlayStation Italy couldn’t help themselves with a final marketing ploy on launch day; they went so far as to grab a bus and throw into the Darsena Lake, in order to reenact an authentic Spider-Man rescue. We even have some photos, thanks to our Italian brethren over at DualShockers. The bus in question features the game’s artwork, along with the words “Essere Migliori” written, which is Italian for “Be Better” according to google translate. Yes, the whole thing may seem ridiculous, but if you don’t through a bus in a lack then you’re not giving an honest effort in your marketing.

Sony and PlayStation have pulled off a multitude of marketing ploys in the past. For PlayStation 4’s Spider-Man, they painted a literal hype train in the New York City subway. The marketing also assumed epic proportions in the days before God of War’s release. At Fiesta Bowl, Kratos and Atreus were out brandishing their weapons across a football stadium. When that wasn’t enough, God of War entered the NBA through a huge hype-inducing ad projected on the basketball court.

With the launch of Spider-Man today, the hype has reached critical levels. You might agree if you take a gander at our glowing review. iI’s only a matter of time before Sony discovers another marketing gimmick, and I think it’s safe to say we’re already onboard.

SOURCE: DualShockers.