Mass Effect Day Unveils Commander Shepard Premium Statue

Exclusive Mass Effect Collector’s Item Revealed by Gentle Giant Studios and Dark Horse Direct

In celebration of Mass Effect Day, known to fans as N7 Day, Gentle Giant Studios and Dark Horse Direct have introduced an exceptional premium collectible statue modeled after Commander Shepard. This striking piece takes inspiration from her iconic appearance on the Mass Effect 3 cover art and the game’s concept art, showcasing Shepard in combat mode with her Omni-Blade activated and blood-stained.

The sixth-scale Commander Shepard statue stands at a formidable 12 inches in height and is meticulously crafted from polyresin materials, perched upon a 1.5-inch tall base with a diameter of 6.5 inches. Starting today, enthusiasts can place preorders for this remarkable work of art, available at a price of $200. As an added bonus, early birds who secure their orders before November 13 will enjoy a 10% discount, reducing the cost by $20.

This exclusive collectible piece offered by Dark Horse Direct boasts an extremely limited production run, with just 1,000 units available for dedicated fans and collectors. As a testament to its authenticity and rarity, each item comes accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, ensuring that those who acquire this prized statue own a genuine piece of gaming history. This certificate adds an extra layer of assurance and value to the collectible, making it highly sought after by enthusiasts.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail in this statue are truly remarkable. Every aspect of the statue, from the minutiae of Commander Shepard’s armor to the deliberate and expertly applied weathering effects on her attire, exudes precision and quality. The intricate design of Shepard’s armor reflects the dedication of the artists and sculptors who painstakingly recreated the iconic character. It’s as if Shepard has stepped right out of the digital world and into the physical realm, making this collectible an exquisite tribute to the beloved character.

For dedicated Mass Effect aficionados seeking to expand their collections, a selection of figures is also available for preorder. As part of the Dark Horse Deluxe collection, fans can acquire two of the original trilogy’s beloved crew members, Liara T’Soni and Garrus Vakarian, along with a scaled-down replica of the Reaper Sovereign—a formidable entity previously known for its planet-destroying capabilities.