Next Gen CPU Receiving Huge Upgrade

Aaron Greenberg Claims Next Gen Will Drastically Improve Their CPU

In November’s Official Xbox Magazine, Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg talked about Project Scarlett and Next Gen as a whole. He promised a huge upgrade for the CPU, not sacrificing frame rate in favor of graphical fidelity. Greenberg claims Xbox is working on technology that people don’t see today, suggesting some pretty revolutionary tech while emphasizing the working relationship Microsoft has with hardware manufacturers. Xbox Scarlett has no official release date confirmed but it will likely release in the holiday 2020 window alongside the PS5.

Next Gen aaron greenberg

“But, with the next-gen, I think you’ll see a big upgrade in CPU, because we really want to make sure that you don’t have any compromises with the framerates,” said Aaron Greenberg. “Yes, we can do 4K, but we can also do 120 frames per second. So I think that type of capability will be something that people don’t see today.” Apparently Microsoft is focusing primarily on CPU performance as 4K typically requires a great CPU when gamers don’t wish to sacrifice their frame rate. We’ve been given a tease of information from Microsoft about their Project Scarlett but it sounds like it will be technologically competitive with the PS5.

Frame rate isn’t just important to single player or multiplayer experiences and it isn’t an issue that’s exclusive to the Xbox brand as PlayStation is focusing on increasing their frame rates while improving the visuals as well. Xbox Scarlett was announced before the PS5 but PlayStation came back with a loose release of Holiday 2020, which leaves Xbox to unveil more details about Scarlett and hopefully a more concrete date than the PS5. Regardless of which of them come out first, Aaron Greenberg makes it clear that both consoles will feature impressive CPU technology.

Are you more excited for the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Scarlett? Are you subscribed to PlayStation Now or Xbox Game Pass? Which Next Gen console do you expect to release first? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt