Xbox One Firmware Update Fixes Several Issues

Xbox One OS Changes Connect Players Better

Microsoft’s latest firmware update brings several changes to the Xbox One OS, including seamlessly connecting with gamers and integrating Mixer directly into the dashboard. The OS update also gives gamers new options for capture screenshots and gameplay footage. There are improvements to automatic game updates, further reducing the amount of update screens after loading into a game. Xbox One’s October firmware update is available now for Microsoft fans to play with one Xbox One or the One X.

Xbox One

The Recent Players service allows gamers to connect with each other more easily and seamlessly than before due to the recent firmware changes. Gamers can also recommend a game from Xbox Game Pass directly to a friend through a direct message or through a Club with the new update. Gamers who trust your judgement can instantly download the content if they’re subscribed to Xbox Game Pass. These changes to the social aspect of Xbox are welcome and appreciated as gamers always need more ways to interact with each other.

Parents are now able to track how long their kids are spending in each app and game specifically rather than how much time they’ve spent on the device itself with the changes made to the OS. Added options bring the ability of parents to set limits on games and apps to specify how they intend for their kids to use their Windows devices. The marketplace Wish List is getting updated to send notifications when an item in your Wish List is discounted. Other websites use their Wish List systems to gauge what should go on sale next, so it’s likely that if enough gamers add Gears 5 to their Wish List (for example) that it will drop in price.


The “Allow Game Captures” setting has gotten many changes, making it a deeper system which allows gamers to optimize how they capture. The “Capture & Share” tab offers three capture options: “Record What Happened,” “Start Recording” and “Capture Screenshot.” While the “Share to” menu now makes it easier for games to share their content where they want to more quickly and easily. The firmware update still didn’t add Instagram integration to the share options though.

What is the best change Microsoft made with the October Xbox One OS Update? Are you looking forward to contacting recent players more seamlessly and easily? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech