Latest Xbox One Update Brings New Xbox Game Pass Feature

Xbox Game Pass Has a New Feature That’ll Make It Easier to Come Back to Games You’ve Played

Major Nelson’s blog had a Monday news post that detailed the new features of this month’s Xbox One update. According to the post, these new features will provide a more convenient Xbox Game Pass experience.

xbox game pass

One of the new features is the “Play later” function. “Play later enables you to make a list of games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog for you to come back to on your time, making it even easier to find your next game,” the news post explained. “Manage your collection from your Xbox console or the Game Pass mobile app and download your games when you’re ready.”

As for Xbox Skill for Alexa, the news post announced that support for the feature is coming to “customers in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Spain.”

The update also added new Alexa voice commands such as being able to tell Alexa, “Alexa, ask Xbox what’s new on Game Pass?” or “Alexa, ask Xbox what are my friends playing?”

Other Xbox news: This month’s new additions to Xbox Game Pass have been recently revealed.

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