Fortnite Addressing Matchmaking Worries

Season 10 is seeing an “X-Tension”

Ever since Fortnite became cross-platform friendly, there has been an on-going conversation about fairness. By pitting console against PC, players are worried that machines that can run the game better will have an unfair advantage. Epic Games has addressed this concern last week, but in the latest news update, they’ve continued the conversation.

batman in fortnite

According to Epic, their updated matchmaking system will account for skill levels as well as control inputs. The goal is to group players together of a similar skill set without giving certain players an advantage. This is pretty significant as Fortnite on the Switch tops at about 30FPS while some PCs can run almost triple that. It’s good to see that Epic is taking these concerns seriously. Alongside this, Epic has addressed smurfing and now it is a bannable offence.

Bots were also addressed in the news update. Bots were added to help players practice and a few questions have popped up about their abilities. Epic is looking into updating their capabilities so they might one day be able to drive vehicles, and they’re looking into an all bots mode for the future.

Changes to controllers were also a hot topic. In a recent update, Fortnite changed how aiming worked on a controller. Despite some fans being upset, Epic encourages players to give it a chance. Players are able to switch back to the “legacy” settings if they want in the game’s settings. Keyboard and mouse players can also look forward to some changes as Epic is looking into letting players adjust Build and Edit sensitivities.

Finally, the latest game mode, The Combine which was only supposed to be temporary will be joining the other core modes. Overall, the game mode was a huge success and will continue to let players hone their skills.