Zombies Coming to Apex Legends According to Leak

Leaks Point to a Spooky, Zombie-fied Map and Gameplay 

It seems like data mining and leaks are just becoming part of games’ hype train and with Apex Legends the trend is continuing. Twitter user Shrugtal revealed some new information after doing some digging and discovered that zombies may be coming to the battle royale. With their third season just going live, developer Respawn might just be waiting to announce their Halloween event.

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This isn’t the first leak though, Respawn accidentally posted the badge for the event. Known as “Fight or Fright” it looks like most of the information about the Halloween event is coming from Shrugtal. There was some other information revealed by Shrugtal about Heirlooms sets, but the majority of the news is about the potential upcoming Halloween event.

The leak points towards a new map, Shadowfall, which is the Kings Canyon map which will be playable at night now. The information from the leak says:¬†“for a limited time, a warped version of Apex games will be hosted at night in an abandoned Kings Canyon by a mysterious figure known only as Revenant. Solo Legends fight to the death but with a dark twist – when Legends die, they are reborn on the Shadow Squad, an ever-growing faction of dark Legends who return from the dead to haunt their living counterparts with increased mobility and brutal melee attacks. The last 10 Living Legends will join forces to try to escape while the Shadow Squad attempts to stop them at all costs.”

Aside from the new map, enemies, and game type, there were also some hints at Halloween cosmetics for some of the Legends. There is no official date for the event yet.

Ready to fight some zombies and Shadows? Excited about yet another Halloween event? Let us know in the comments!