Microsoft Has Officially Announced Project Scarlett and It’s Launching With Halo Infinite

Coming Out In Fall 2020

It is now official. Project Scarlett has been confirmed to be dropping in the Fall of 2020. The new console is supposedly the highest performing console that Microsoft has ever made. Phil Spencer made it abundantly clear that this new console will focus almost entirely on gaming rather than focusing on other features. To add to the hype of it all, they also announced that the next Halo game, Halo: Infinite, will be launching with their new console.


This unveiling of both the new platform and game were accompanied by new trailers for both products. The Project Scarlett trailer featured the development team talking about the new fancy specs that the console will be capable of running on and how there has never been a console as powerful as Project Scarlett. The excitement on the faces of the people who have been working on the console is abundantly clear.

The Halo: Infinite trailer was what really got the crowd going, however. The trailer beings with an unnamed pilot of a spacecraft stumbling across the body of the Master Cheif floating in space. He pulls him aboard and hooks him up to a number of devices in order to bring him back. The screen then cuts to the infamous first-person view every Halo fan is familiar with as the Master Cheif comes back online. From there the games go in and out of what seems like gameplay and a cinematic trailer. Classic cheesy oneliners are uttered and then it ends with Cortana.

If this does not get Halo fans excited, then nothing will.

What Now?

Microsoft was in desperate need of something big like this to happen. The Xbox One has not done great. The glory days of the Xbox 360 are long gone at this point and the company needs a new and exciting console and an even greater franchise to get it started. What’s a better way to launch their new console than like they did with the original Xbox? With a Halo game of course. The links to the trailers are down below.