The Last Case of Benedict Fox Definitive Edition Adventures to PS5

A Definitive Adventure

Welcome to a world of mystery, eldritch horror, and murder. It’s time to prepare to embark on the last case of a certain Mr. Fox. Perhaps it may be the last case of his career, or maybe his life. Today, independent game studio Plot Twist is happy to announce its fantastical Metroidvania, The Last Case of Benedict Fox, is coming to PS5 with its Definitive Edition. Interestingly, the game introduces players to the titular character, a self-proclaimed detective. However, player’s won’t be alone. Alongside their demon companion, players will venture into the labyrinthian consciousness’ of the recently deceased as they battle demons and aim to solve the mystery at hand. 

The Last Case of Benedict Fox allows players to explore a dark and twisting world as the titular character. Alongside his demon companion, players will enter surreal worlds that take form in the minds of the dead. Here, players will explore diverse environments and fight demons in the Metroidvania style combat. Of course, this adventure will help players unravel the mystery of a slain couple and their missing child. However, secret organizations, cults, and demons themselves will seek to stop Fox. Importantly, with the help of the demon, players will fight their way through these worlds.

Importantly, The Last Case of Benedict Fox’s Definitive Edition is including brand new content. For instance, players can look forward to new combat arenas, new quests and puzzles and a deeper look into the past of Benedict and his demon companion through new story content. Additionally, players can look forward to overhauled combat and traversal that aim to enhance the experience of the game. A new trailer gives players a glimpse at the brand new edition. Check it out below.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox is available now on  PlayStationXbox, and Steam.