Epic Games Store Getting a Big Overhaul

New Update Plans to Fix the Epic Games Store’s Issues

During a recent blog post, Epic Games reveals they’re working on a new Epic Games Store which will add missing and requested features. The new storefront will make navigation easier with trending games, curated collections and a variety of filters being used to help gamers find games they love and discover new games. Epic Games has been working on the Epic Games Store since releasing while securing big exclusives for the platform but there’s no word on when the latest features highlighted in the blog post will release.

Epic Games store

Gamers will be able to filter their searches on the Epic Games Store by genre, alphabetically  and other filtration options. Bundles will now be included, featuring an assortment of related games for one price, such as the LEGO Batman collection. Playtime tracking allows gamers to keep up with how much time they’ve sunk into their favorite games and they’re able to sort their library by playtime. Patch download size will be reduced due to Epic Games rolled out new tooling options for their partners to better optimize each patch. Low bandwidth gamers will particularly benefit from this change. International gamers will be happy that GPay has been added for Turkish gamers and Chinese gamers can select traditional Chinese from the supported language options.

The Epic Games in-game overlay will finally give gamers the ability to interact with their Epic Games Store account while in-game similar to how Steam has an in-game overlay complete with notifications. Epic Games is insecure about how these ideas are currently realized but play on fully realizing and optimizing it over time. Epic Games is touting this as the new storefront, suggesting they’re following GoG’s lead of evolving the platform as it ages.

What’s your favorite Epic Games Store exclusive and which feature are you most looking forward to them adding to the platform? What change haven’t they announced that you’d like to see them make? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech