Gran Turismo Sport Spec II Racing Onto PS4 in October

Gran Turismo Sport Spec II Releases on October 4th

PlayStation exclusive and Polyphony Digital’s successful racing franchise is back with a new edition of Gran Turismo Sport which offers bonus content on two discs. Because Gran Turismo Sport Spec II includes 90% of the currently available content in the game all on the disc, gamers won’t have to download and patch as much as if they purchased Gran Turismo Sport today. Gran Turismo Sport Spec II releases on October 4th exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

Gran Turismo Sport new cars

Gran Turismo Sport will also be launching a digital and physical updated version of the game that’s patched up to the 1.39 patch, with only six patches needing to be downloaded beyond that as of right now. This makes things easier for people who buy the current version of the game where 45 patches will be downloaded after it finally finishes downloading. The Sport Spec II edition includes 90% of the games 293 cars and 75 circuits, with the remaining 10% available for download after the install. Sport Spec II gamers will receive 2.5 million bonus in-game credits which will help them expand their garage even more. Also included is a pack of the top ten cars from the 2018 FIA GT Championships.

All of this content will fill two bluray discs, giving us an idea of just how much content has been released in Gran Turismo Sport since launch and how empty our garages are in comparison to what’s offered right out the gate for Gran Turismo Sport Spec II racers. Gran Turismo Sport turns two years old on October 20th and this package is a great celebration of the title and ultimately the franchise.

What’s your favorite race car and is it available in Gran Turismo Sport? What’s the best Gran Turismo in your opinion so far? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech