Nine New Cars Coming in Gran Turismo Sport Update

The Update Will Go Live This Week

Nine new cars are coming to Gran Turismo Sport this week in an update, announced Gran Turismo series producer Kazunori Yamauchi on Monday.

The make & model of these nine new cars wasn’t officially revealed but one thing is for certain: they’ll eventually be part of the game’s massive roster of over 200 cars.

Notably, Yamauchi didn’t give any more details about what else would be included in the upcoming update. An update that became available in July added microtransactions to Gran Turismo Sport (despite Yamauchi having said in the past that the racing game wouldn’t have them at all) so who knows what other new features this month’s update will bring?

Gran Turismo Sport Screenshots

If you’re interested in buying GT Sport then you should read our review of it beforehand.

“Gran Turismo Sport is a game that is both very good on the track and incredibly important for the future of the genre and the eSports fascination at large,” our reviewer wrote. “While I would still love to see a return to a traditional game in the form of Gran Turismo 7, Sport is in a league of its own and makes going back to games even outside its genre, like competitive shooters, that much more difficult because of how forward thinking it’s online suite is.”

What do you think the nine new cars will be? Go ahead and speculate in the comments section below!