Old Skool Racer Drove Its Way Out of Steam Early Access

Relive the Good Days in Old Skool Racer

Karma Play Limited is thrilled to announce that Old Skool Racer is now out of Steam Early Access. Yes, the retro-inspired racing game has finally made its way to full release. You can purchase it right now on the platform for $29.99. Take a look at the official gameplay trailer to get a glimpse of the amazing racing action.

Old Skool Racer is a complete arcade racing game that recreates the sheer thrill of the classics. It takes huge inspiration from other titles like Outrun, Screamer, Star Wars Pod Racer, and WaveRace 64. The game features awesome racing using cars, speedboats, hoverpods, and chariots, and over 20 locations from across the globe.

You can also customize the appearance of your vehicles in your garage using a combination of special parts, paint colors, decals, and materials. Additionally, you get to own your own beautiful Winner’s Island, a luxury mansion, and a toy train. Decorate the place according to your wish using furniture, carpets, paintings, and chandeliers.

There are three game modes to enjoy as well, namely, Quick Race, Time Trial, and Championship. Not only that, it also features a six-player multiplayer, achievements, and 3D trophies. So are you ready to start your engine and beat others in an old-fashioned racing game?