Avopug Show Is Racing Its Way to Steam This Week

Join the Ultimate Racing Experience at the Avopug Show

The solo indie game developer Marakesch is thrilled to announce that Avopug Show is coming to Steam this week. The game will be available on the platform starting from 18 April 2024. You can put it on your wish list right now to get instant access when it officially launches. Furthermore, take a look at the release trailer below to get a glimpse of the gameplay.

Avopug Show is an arcade racing game that defies all the stereotypes of the genre. It challenges the traditional rules of racing with a dynamically changing environment during the race. Yes, you heard it right, the game is against the same old laps around the circuit and incorporates uniquely generated tracks as well as visuals.

Get ready to take the race to different environments ranging from the celestial realms to vintage 1930s animation. Race through dozens of diverse tracks that will test your skills and keep you on the edge of your seat.

In each race, parts of the track are kept invisible. Meaning, that you will get to dive into uncertainty where asphalt materializes beneath your wheels. Not only that, you will be accompanied by the cheerful comments of the Avocado, the streaming pug, who will support you and share some deep philosophy.