THQ Nordic Sale on Steam – This Weekend Only

Anywhere from 10%-80% Off

There are always sales going on on Steam. Square Enix had a massive sale that just ended recently and, as if on cue, THQ Nordic now has a similar one starting. This weekend only, the THQ Nordic sale will be offering their games on Steam for up to 80% off. If you have some cash leftover from the last sale or you did not partake, this is your chance to scoop up a bunch of games for a low cost. THQ Nordic may not have the catalogue of hits like Square Enix, but there are definitely some gems in there to take advantage of.

THQ Nordic Sale

You may know THQ Nordic for the Darksiders, Red Faction, or Alone in the Dark series, but they also have some lesser known games that have their prices slashed. If you are interested, the Spell Force, MX vs ATV, and The Guild games may be worth exploring. While they are vastly different from the more well-known titles above, at prices like these, you might just find a game you enjoy that you otherwise would never have picked up. That’s the beauty of a sale; you’re not risking the full price of a game and you might really like it.

The titles above are the bigger IPs published under THQ Nordic, but browse the entire catalogue for other single-entry series. Again, these deals will only last this weekend, so the clock it ticking.

What is your favourite THQ Nordic game? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Steam