Space For Sale Explores With a Friend in New Co-Op Trailer

A Galaxy Made for Two 

Space is a rather large expanse. That is why it is always better to bring a friend with you to explore its vastness. When finding an unknown planet, exploring it together is always a better option. Luckily, THQ Nordic and Mirage Game Studios are happy to unveil the co-op trailer for their upcoming adventure game, Space For Sale. Inviting players to the life of an intergalactic realtor, the game allows players to adventure to various unknown planets on development missions. Importantly, the game doesn’t make players go alone. A new trailer shows off the co-op capabilities of the game. 

Space For Sale

Space For Sale allows players to become intergalactic property developers. Interestingly, players can explore uncharted worlds, gather resources, and plot land for development. Of course, real estate needs customers. The game is no different. Players will be developing these planets for an ever-growing clientele of eccentric aliens. Yet, these aliens come with demands. Players will need to continuously develop the land in different ways to meet the demands of the clients. Additionally, players can interact with the lifeforms of the planet. Just because the planets are uncharted doesn’t mean they are uninhabited. In addition to land development, players can interact with and tame the flora and fauna of individual planets. 

Importantly, the new trailer for Space for Sale shows off how players can bring a friend along. Check out the new trailer for a glimpse of the co-op gameplay. View the trailer below.

Space For Sale is currently in development. It will be released for PC via Steam