Growth Spreading to the Nintendo Switch in December

Growing to a New Release

Attention Nintendo Switch gamers, it’s almost time for some growth. The world is a barren and sad place. It’s up to you to bring some color and life to a wasteland. Today,  Assemble Entertainment and developer VoodooDuck are happy to announce that their cozy, strategy, puzzle game, Growth, is coming to Nintendo Switch on December 21st. Inviting players to a relaxing experience, the game develops random maps for gamers to populate with life. Importantly, players can check out a release trailer for a glimpse of the game.


Growth introduces players to a barren world. These worlds are all procedurally generated but one thing remains, the worlds are utter wastelands. Yet, not all hope is lost. In fact, players have the power of growth. With the help of animal companions and strategic thinking, players can transform the world. With nine different types of tiles, players can create their own beautiful worlds. Interestingly, as players continue to develop their skills and the world around them they will unlock new kinds of animals. Importantly, these animals will ensure new ways to develop the world into a beautiful landscape of color and life. 

Of course, players can check out the release trailer for a look at the game. In fact, the trailer gives players a look at just how the tiles work. Check out the trailer below. 

Growth is out now on PC via Steam. Additionally, the game is releasing for the Nintendo Switch on December 21st. So, are you ready for some growth?