Epic Games Store will Halt Exclusivity Deals if Steam Changes Revenue Split

It’s a Split Decision

The Epic Game Store is scooping up exclusive game deals left and right, which has slowly chipped away at the list of new game launches on Steam. The scalping has left many PC players frustrated, but Epic and CEO Tim Sweeney show no signs of relenting, not until Valve reconfigures their sales cut on the Steam storefront.

Metro Exodus

Over on the throat of controversy, Twitter, Sweeney’s latest statement may have ruffled some feathers, and maybe for the better. According to the Epic Games CEO, the main issue with Steam is its 30% revenue cut. “30% store dominance is a #1 problem for PC developers, publishers, and everyone who relies on those businesses for their livelihood,” Sweeney said. Thus, piggybacking off their success with Fortnite, Epic will use exclusivity as leverage to convince Valve that a new revenue split is necessary. Of course, considering the barebones features of the Epic Games Store, the lack of exclusivity deals would drastically reduce its influence. At the same time, Valve is not likely to change its revenue share, at least not to 12%.

The latest Twitter post is a reflection of what the CEO said previously. When he addressed Epic Games Store exclusivity last month, Sweeney stated: “It’s about making the industry a better place.” While there’s been a backlash against the acquisition of games like Metro: Exodus, there’s no denying that publishers and developers ultimately receive a better payout than they would on Steam. Still, is there any chance Valve would match their new rival’s revenue split?

We’ll just have to wait and see if the Epic Games Store can sway Valve. If the policies did change, would the Epic Games Store truly back off? Will the storefronts become open platforms or exclusive marketplaces? Stay tuned for updates.