Steam Reviewers Bomb Metro Exodus After Shift to Epic Games Store

The Exodus Builds the Wrong Kind of Steam

Ever since its debut, the Epic Games Store has encroached on the borders of Steam with new deals. At The Game Awards, they announced some PC launch exclusives, and their partnerships have only gotten more ambitious. The latest in their string of deals involve timed exclusivity for Metro Exodus, which has sparked some controversy.

metro exodus

Recently, Publisher Deep Silver revealed that Metro Exodus would launch for PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store. It’s a massive coup, not only because the post-apocalyptic shooter is hotly anticipated but because it had been available for pre-order on Valve’s platform for a long period. Thanks to Epic Games’ exclusivity deal, PC players require yet another launcher if they want to play Metro: Exodus. While this may not seem like a big deal, the move also left a taste of betrayal in its wake.

Valve has struck back, addressing their users on the situation. They will honor all pre-orders, make no mistake, but the move by Epic Games and Metro’s publisher has left people angry. A mob has launched a Blitzkrieg of review bombs on Steam. It’s pretty damning stuff, and proves, once again, that the platform’s review system is the go-to vent for PC gamer frustration. And they’re pretty candid, for the most part, if you don’t count the review that refers to the devs as “neo-nazis.”

Of course, since reviews aren’t available for Metro Exodus, yet, all the negative reviews have been allocated to Metro: Last Light Redux. Time will tell where exactly the new installment lands in the critical sphere. Check back for updates, and let us know your thoughts before you go. Does the shift from Steam to the Epic Games Store disappoint you? Comment down below.

SOURCE: ComicBook