Metro: Last Light Redux Free on GOG

Save Your Bullets – This One’s On the House

Metro gets overlooked a lot. As a video game franchise, it’s often compared to the likes of Fallout, since both focus on surviving a post-apocalyptic world. The difference is that Metro scales back the dark humor and RPG elements and doubles down on the horror. If you’re looking for something that treats nuclear war with gravity, it’s up there with the best game series’ out there.

The series is based on the book series by Dmitry Alexeevich Glukhovsky and gets its name from the Moscow Metro System – one of the largest in the world, which made it the ideal shelter for characters escaping the nuclear apocalypse – as well as being large enough for different factions to break out. Most of the games take place within these tunnels as the player faces hostile humans, mutants, and even paranormal entities in their quest to survive – and help humanity rebuild itself.

Metro: Last Light Redux, is a remake of the second game in the series, and drew rave reviews for its dark story, gameplay, and (bizarrely) economy, with the primary currency being bullets, forcing players to decide whether to save the good stuff for themselves at the risk of not having enough money for other necessities, or buy what they need and rely on less effective homemade bullets.

The game is free on GOG for the next 2 days, and is the latest in their GOG Giveaway for the year. At the time of writing you have a little over 42 hours to claim the game for yourself, and if you’re one of those gamers who can’t play a sequel without playing the first game, its remake Metro: 2033 Redux is currently on sale at $4 on Steam, Epic, and GOG.

In a nuclear apocalypse, my plan would be to hoard cinnamon, raise goats, and travel only at night. What’s yours? Let us know down in the comments.