Mario Kart Tour Releasing September 25th

Mario Kart Tour is Racing on to Mobile Devices September 25th

After a slight delay, Mario Kart Tour will be releasing on iOS and Android on September 25th and it will be free-to-play. Gamers will be able to customize their karts and gliders and will be able to select from the usual cast of Mario Kart characters. Pre-registrations are already underway for Mario Kart Tour on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and requires a connection to a Nintendo Account.

Mario Kart Tour

The courses in Mario Kart Tour so far include new takes on classic Mario Kart courses as well as real-life locales called city courses such as Paris, New York and Tokyo. All the racing elements familiar in Mario Kart games are featured in Tour and the character specific special items from Double Dash return as the trailer shows off Bowser launching his giant, spiked shell at other racers and Donkey Kong lays down the biggest banana peel anyone in the Mushroom Kingdom has ever seen.

Though the free-to-play mobile game is expected to have microtransactions, Nintendo is expected to set a purchasing cap of some sort. While Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp features microtransactions, they don’t feel to intrinsic to the gaming experience and Dr. Mario World simply encourages gamers to put the phone down between operations as most doctors need a break after a hard day. We’re interested to see how many races we’ll be able to do before having to put the phone down or pay real-world dollars to continue, but it’s also expected that Nintendo will give away freebies during in-game events, daily challenges, weekly challenges and other methods unrelated to credit cards.

Who are your favorite Mario Kart racers? Are you excited to get racing and tapping with Mario Kart Tour? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech