Nintendo Switch Bonuses Galore with Extended Mario Day Deals

Retailers Roll Out Special Nintendo Switch Offers Beyond Mario Day

While the festivities of Mario Day may have drawn to a close, Nintendo Switch enthusiasts can still revel in the excitement of unexpected bonuses lingering within the realm of gaming deals. Across various retailers, enticing offers await those seeking to embark on their Switch journey, presenting an opportune moment to dive into the world of Nintendo.

A standout offer among the array of deals is the enticing proposition of receiving a complimentary $25 gift card with the purchase of any Nintendo Switch console, whether it be the Lite, OLED, or standard edition. Yet, the allure extends beyond mere gift cards, with select bundles boasting additional incentives, ranging from discounted games to bonus inclusions.

One such bundle that commands attention is Target’s Nintendo Switch Lite: Animal Crossing Edition package, which not only includes the coveted gift card but also throws in a free copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With the standalone value of the game hovering around $60, this bundle offers an additional $85 in value, making it an irresistible choice for fans of the beloved title.

Meanwhile, Amazon joins the fray with its own generous offer, extending the gift card incentive to both the standard Nintendo Switch and the Switch OLED Model. However, shoppers must act swiftly to capitalize on this opportunity, as a redemption code, NSWOLED25, must be applied during checkout to qualify. Notably, the standard Switch further entices buyers with a discounted price tag of just $277, a noteworthy reduction from its usual $300.

Given the fleeting nature of these significant Switch discounts, enthusiasts are urged to seize the moment before these exclusive offers fade into obscurity come March 16. Whether perusing Amazon, Best Buy, or Target, there’s no shortage of reasons to indulge in a Nintendo Switch shopping spree and bask in the delight of these extended Mario Day deals.