Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Kicks Off Special New Years Event

Get Limited-time Japanese-themed Furniture and Clothing

Nintendo is doing just about everything it can to keep players coming back to its latest mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Today, the official Twitter account has announced a new New Years event which began on December 25th and will end until January 10th at 9:59 PT.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp screen

Similar to the preceding Christmas event, players will be able to craft new furniture and unlock new clothing for their personalized character and in-game camps. Completing requests for visiting the growing list of friends will earn you Countdown Charms which are required to craft all the new goodies. The New Years exclusive items are all Japanese-themed like the kadomatsu screen, flowery kotatsu, and kimono sandals.

The New Years event follows the just-ended Holiday one, a timed event where players could unlock special Christmas-themed items. A recent update also added gardening and more friends to the rotating roster.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp launched on iOS and Android on November 20th to positive reviews but many critics cited a lack of activities to do. One month later and not much has changed. If Nintendo wants to keep people engaged, they’re going to need to add more content aside from completing redundant friend requests.

Are you still playing and enjoying Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? What would you like to see added to the game? Leave a comment below.