Justin Roiland’s Squanch Games Picked Up Radical Heights Trademark

Radical, Dude!

According to a recent trademark ratification, Rick & Morty creator Justin Roiland and his VR studio Squanch Games acquired the trademark for Boss Key Productions’ 80s-infused Battle Royale game Radical Heights shortly after the company shut down.

Radical Heights

Over on the Radical Heights subbreddit, one curious fan by the handle of itsGerth found the trademark after speaking with an ex-Boss Key employee. Apparently it changed hands as early as August 2018, only three months after Boss Key went defunct. The changeover was official as of May 7th.

Other fans in the thread seem cautiously optimistic – hopeful that the game will be revived in some way, but worried that Squanch may just sit on the trademark without producing anything related to it.

Radical Heights originally launched on April 10th of last year, then the player count dropped by 82% in two weeks, then Boss Key shut down on May 14th, so the game was only around for just over a month. Since then, studio head Cliff Bleszinski has shown off some of the team’s game ideas that never came to fruition, but no word on whether or not those trademarks changed hands, or were filed at all.

In other Squanch news, Trover Saves the Universe drops today for PS4, so keep your eye-holes peeled open for our review coming soon!

SOURCE: reddit