Former Designer of Gears of War Cliff Bleszinski Offers to Return After Sudden Departure of Rod Fergusson

Don’t Call it a Comeback 

Rod Fergusson, the studio head of Gears of War has suddenly left the company in order to take a new job over at Blizzard. This has come as a major shock to most due to the relative success of Gears 5. Now that the studio is without a leader, the previous face of the franchise Cliff Bleszinski has offered to come back.

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Bleszinski played a large role in the first three Gears of War games. After the third game was released Bleszinski left Epic Games to go work on other projects. Someone who could be described as a “Renaissance Man” Bleszinski went on to produce other video games as well as opening up two restaurants and co-producing a Tony-winning musical called Hadestown.

The old Gears of War studio head offered to come back to his old stomping ground via Twitter. While this outreach might not be the most professional thing ever done, formality and niceties are not really known to be Bleszinski’s forte.

There is no telling what Microsoft is going to do now. Gears of War is one of the biggest Xbox exclusives next to Halo. While the series has not seen the hype and excitement since the days of the original trilogy, there is always a chance that the franchise could return to form on the next generation of consoles. Finding a new person to lead the production team is paramount. Perhaps Bleszinski is the shot in the arm that the studio needs at this time.

Gears 5 is available on the Xbox One.