EA Has Increased the Prices of It’s Older Games on Steam

Never Change EA

Electronic Arts have jacked up the prices for its older games on Steam. If you are currently living outside of the United States then chances are that you will be paying more for games. Titles like Sims 4, and Dragon Age all saw a sudden increase in price. This is most likely going to make a lot of people angry and the people at EA a lot richer.

electronic arts feature

Unfortunately, jacking up the prices of old games is nothing new. Especially for EA. They have built up quite a reputation over the past decade for engaging in some of the most reviled business practices in the gaming industry. It is not much of a surprise that EA has been voted the most hated company multiple years in a row. These price hikes are certainly not going to help much with their poor public image.

In certain cases, some of the EA games are more than double what they are on Origin. So if you are really wanting to play some old games made by Electronic Arts you might have to bite the bullet and sign up for an Origin account in order to save some money. For those who don’t know, EA moved a lot of their games off of Steam and made them exclusive on their own online market called Origin.

The reasoning behind these increased prices seems like an attempt to force people to have to sign up with Origin in order to avoid paying absurd amounts of money.  There have been rumors that EA is going to make a return to Steam but that is beginning to appear more unlikely by the day.

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