These 10 Games Were NOT Saved By Updates

10 Games That Weren’t Saved With Updates

While we recently acknowledged several games in the industry that have flourished over time rather than crumbling under pressure, the following ten titles fell on their face at launch or just died out due to a lacking community. While some live on in one way or another, a few have been completely lost to time, with only Wiki pages to mark their existence in history. Some games age well, some hardly age at all and these ones aged terribly. These ten games were not saved by updates.


10. Google Stadia

Let’s be real, if Google Stadia is any sign of what cloud-based game streaming is going to be, we’re in for a hard time as gamers. Currently, the library of games available through the Stadia Pro subscription is lackluster, to say the least. Although games like Borderlands 3 and Destiny 2 are on the platform, nothing really stands out as an important title to play on the Stadia versus any other device the games are available on. Google is still adding things like achievement support and wireless controller capability when playing mobile, features that should have really been available day one. Stadia fell on its face at launch and since then, it’s been dragging its face along the ground without much of a peep. If Google Stadia is any sign of what cloud-based game streaming is going to be, I’ll stick with traditional consoles. Though this is more of a gaming service than a game itself, the lack of games provided as part of the service qualified it for the early place on this list.

Google Stadia

9. World of Warcraft

While World of Warcraft is by no means a failure overall, the success of Classic WoW proved that something went wrong along the way. As developers at Blizzard added more content, something got lost in translation and the game was ruined for too many gamers. That much is evident with how many people returned when Classic WoW launched in August last year. The hype for the return to Classic was felt across multiple social media platforms, from Twitter to Instagram and views reaching new heights on Twitch. There’s a lot that Blizzard can learn from the release of Classic WoW, but the key fact is that as they changed the MMORPG over time, they ruined it. Ahead of the release of WoW Classic, developers sat down to play together and gave their thoughts on the experience in comparison to the current version and during these videos, I was filled with hope for the MMO’s future. I don’t think every change they made was negative but Classic WoW proved that you don’t have to fix what isn’t broken necessarily.

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