6 Essential DOOM Eternal Tips

6 Essential DOOM Eternal Tips

Doom Eternal’s brutal, frenetic action is lightning fast, challenging, and unrelenting. Your inherent FPS skills are bound to be tested as you rip and tear through demonic hordes. If you’re as stoked as I was to get your hands on the game, here are six tips to jump-start your Doom dance.

Keep Moving

If even for a moment you let off the gas, you’re more than likely a goner, especially on higher difficulty settings. Demons are ferocious and attack relentlessly. Fortunately, every arena’s meticulously designed for you to keep the pedal to the metal while shredding through hell-spawn. Monkey bars are helpful in quickly bringing down super heavy demons like Tyrants and Barons of Hell. Repeatedly swinging into the sky and raining a barrage of rockets often deals with them. Teleporters are essential for an escape when you’re low on health, and boost pads enable you to continue firing while flying from one end of the arena to the other. Battles are incredibly chaotic. When in doubt, keep moving!

Maximize Abilities & Equipment

You’re always running short on ammo, armor, or health, sometimes all three at once. Maximizing your abilities and equipment is critical to survival. Dashing’s most effective for dodging projectiles, pinkies, and escaping groups when overwhelmed. In addition to glory kills, there are a few ways to gain health. The Punch and Reave rune causes demons to drop health when killed by a Blood Punch shockwave. It’s an invaluable perk that repeatedly saved my life. The flame belch causes enemies to bleed armor and is most effective when you kill the demon you’ve set ablaze. Igniting a demon and circling the arena is often your best bet, as by the time you reach them, you’ve glory killed a few others, refilled your ammo with the chainsaw, and they’ve dropped a load of armor shards to scoop up. 

Frag grenades are especially useful during smaller encounters, but I’ve found the ice bomb to be helpful for larger ones. Freezing a group and following it up with a rocket or two is an easy way to wipe out several demons at once. It’s wise to reserve power weapons for desperate situations. The BFG, Unmaykr, and Crucible are powerful, but ammo is scarce. They’re typically most appropriate for annihilating overwhelming hordes of super heavy demons.

Doom Eternal

Exploit Enemy Weaknesses

Every demon has a weakness, and there’s a weapon to exploit each one. The plasma rifle conquers shields, the heavy cannon and chain gun quickly stagger demons on the move, the ballista slaughters pain elementals, and the combat shotgun’s sticky bombs are paramount. They destroy Mancubus, Arachnotron, and Revenant cannons, instantly stagger Cacodemons, and tear up Doom Hunter engines, along with the heavy cannon’s precision bolt. Blood punch immediately destroys Archvile shields and Cyber Mancubus armor, and the super shotgun is as deadly as ever against everything, especially when you unlock the flaming hook mastery upgrade. Knowing when to use specific weapons becomes second nature, but you can always refer to the codex for reminders. 

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