These 10 Games Were NOT Saved By Updates

4. Club Penguin

Club Penguin became a meme over time, with gamers trying to one-up each other in who could be banned the quickest. This included lots of colourful language, trolls and some generally weird sentences that you might not even expect to be bannable in every case. Disney was notorious for being swift with their bans in this MMO and apparently a large part of the community was just there for the lol’s. While this list features some gaming disgraces, Club Penguin was beloved by the people who regularly played it. The game was tailored for kids who were fans of Disney but many adults flocked to the title for various reasons, including the aforementioned trolling, as the chat resembled an online message board and the game lacked in competitive content. Club Penguin was discontinued in 2017 but its spirit lives on in The New Club Penguin, but many fans will never make the jump and will forever miss the classic. It’s currently unknown whether or not Disney will ever return to the original Club Penguin in the same way Blizzard returned to Classic WoW but just like with the Warcraft universe, it will take some time.

3. Heroes of the Storm

On paper, Heroes of the Storm should’ve been an instant hit, but it was too little too late. The whole defense of the ancients concept originated in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos with the online community for the RTS title. While this concept soon became known as MOBA’s, the idea originated in a Blizzard property. This means that a Blizzard themed MOBA, featuring the best characters in Blizzard history, should succeed even more easily than League of Legends or DOTA 2 right? Blizzard has taken the developers of Heroes of the Storm off the project to work on other things and completely canceled their esports support for the title, effectively taking it offline. While League of Legends remains successful for Riot Games and is an esports phenomenon, DOTA 2 struggles to stay relevant and Blizzard has accepted defeat in the MOBA genre. Having played Heroes of the Storm for some Overwatch skins, I can safely say that every other MOBA I’ve played is superior. I’m a huge Blizzard fan and seeing them bring together over eighty characters from across their franchises was amazing, but it was too little too late.