Heroes of the Storm Giving Players 20 Characters for Free Next Week

Blizzard Giving Away 20 Characters for Free on Heroes of the Storm

Next week Blizzard will be giving Heroes of the Storm players the opportunity to get 20 characters for free! These characters will be available with the Mega Bundles that were recently announced. These bundles will be available in four different styles, which will affect which heroes players will receive!

heroes of the storm top screen

Players will receive a new Mega Bundle just for logging in! There are four different themed bundles, for different styles of play and for anyone who might not know which bundle is best suited for you, there is a quiz that can help you decide. The four styles of play are: Assassin, Flex, Support & Specialist, and Tanks & Bruisers. Once players have decided on a bundle, the other three will lock, however the remaining heroes will be available to purchase individually in the game. Keep in mind that some heroes appear in multiple bundles, so make sure to check them all out before making your selection. For a full list of characters available for each of the bundles, you can check out the Blizzard website.

These bundles, along with the 20 free characters, will be coming to the game alongside the release of the 2.0 patch on April 25th, which is promised to make the game even better than ever before! When this new patch was announced, lead game designer Travis McGeathy stated that there would be a multitude of changes coming to Heroes of the Storm later this month. Probably the biggest change is the overhauled progression system, as the MOBA will now have Loot Chests, an Overwatch-themed battleground and introduce numerous cosmetic items available, as celebration off all things Blizzard!

Heroes of the Storm is free-to-play with a few paid elements, including  the extra heroes from these Mega Bundles and cosmetic changes to the game. Make sure to take advantage of this exciting limited time offer from Blizzard, as it is only available until May 22, 2017! For all players that log in between next Tuesday and May 22nd, they will receive 100 gems which can be used to permanently unlock one of the four mega bundles available.