Radical Heights Player Count in Slight Free-Fall

82% In Two Weeks Isn’t So Bad, Right?

A recent tally of Radical Heights’ current player count paints a troubling picture for Boss Key’s newest game. According to Githyp, there’s been an 82% drop in the game’s players since Radical Heights came out on Early Access two weeks ago. If thingsĀ  don’t change, this could be a serious problem for Boss Key.

Radical Heights player count

Now, we’re still in early days when it comes to Radical Heights. Games like this don’t always come with instantaneous success. But it’s difficult to ignore these numbers, especially given the game’s sudden announcement/release cycle. After the commercial failure that was LawBreakers, some extra scrutiny is understandable.

Upon the game’s release, Radical Heights had around twelve thousand players. Now, just a couple weeks later, the game’s player count is down to around two thousand. As I said before, there’s a chance for this to turn around. But this won’t happen without some serious work on Boss Key’s part to attract new players. We’re living in a post-Fortnite world, one that requires all new entries on the Battle Royale stage to have some serious hooks. With two huge contenders already in the ring, you’ve got to make a major impact to be noticed at all.