Gears 5: Top 7 Tips To Help You Dominate in Versus Mode

Still need a little help kickin’ ass in Gears 5 Versus? Then check out these tips.

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Tip 4: Know the Cover System

The Gears of War franchise is not a run-and-gun shooter, but rather a cover-based shooter that requires the player to strategize their approach. If you’re running in the open, you’re prime for the picking – and that’s no way to win. Bouncing from cover to cover while inching your way closer to your opponent is a safer strategy. Even better, use the cover to conceal your movements and try and sneak up on an unsuspecting enemy. If you find yourself hugging the same cover as your enemy, reach over and grab them – if done correctly, you’ll set them up for an execution. Cover is critical in Gears – embrace it.

Tip 5: Be Yourself

Ok, so character customization might not make you a better player – but you’ll at least look badass while you’re playing. From most menu screens, just hit the three-line Menu button and then select Customize. From there, you’ll have three options; Characters, Weapons, Marks. The Characters menu will allow you to pick which skin you want to use for each playable character – including the recently released Bautista skin for Marcus Fenix. The Weapons menu lets you customize your weapon skins. Finally, the Marks skin lets you change the type of mark that appears over a spotted enemy. Don’t be stuck with default skins – customize!

Tip 6: Know the Levels

Gears of War levels, including those in Gears 5, generally follow a similar mirrored layout – with both sides essentially being identical. This is ultimately designed to avoid giving either team an unnecessary starting advantage. With that said, each level still features a unique layout and it’s critical to learn each one. There’s no easy way to do this beyond just playing over and over. Learning the layout will better ensure that you know where the ideal cover points are and more importantly, where the big, powerful weapons are placed. Getting to a Boomshot before anyone else could net a few easy kills – so why wouldn’t you want to get to it first? Can’t find the better guns? Focus on finding some Frag Grenades, then plant them (like proximity mines) in areas of heavy traffic.

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And that concludes our guide to being a better Gears 5 Versus player. If you’re still having troubles, remember, practice makes perfect. If you have a few buddies online, you can always start a Custom match to learn the levels and how different weapons function in a less competitive environment. Good luck out there, COG!