Ctrl Alt Deal Becoming Self Aware on PC and Consoles

About AI By Humans

Welcome to dystopia. This cyberpunk, Megacorp hell, is home to a never ending pool of greed and a serious lack of ethics. In fact, as a little AI, your parent company is perhaps the most evil of all. However, you are not. It’s time to win your freedom little robot. Today, Only By Midnight and Neon Hive are elated to announce their new turn-based strategy game, Ctrl Alt Deal, is releasing for PC and Consoles soon. Inviting players to an 80s-themed cyberpunk adventure, players will take control of a little AI named SCOUT.  Combining deck-building and turn-based strategy, the game takes a unique approach to the setting of cyberpunk and robotics. A reveal trailer provides players with a look at the game. 

Ctrl Alt Deal

Ctrl Alt Deal invites players to step into the sentient artificial intelligence mind of SCOUT. SCOUT belongs to a nefarious corporation known as Paperclip International. However, they do not want to be. As SCOUT players will engage in a corporate turn-based mission to win the little AI their freedom. Importantly, SCOUT has no weapons, no means of fighting even. Yet, that does not mean they are without tricks. SCOUT has the ability to spy throughout the office using downtrodden workers and drones to their advantage. OF course, players will need to figure out how to get them on SCOUT’s side.

Interestingly, the game combines deck building and turn-based strategy to create an engaging gameplay style. Of course, players must play their hand carefully. The Turing Officer relishes in shutting down rogue AI, and she takes her job very seriously. Check out the new trailer below for a glimpse of the game.

Ctrl Alt Deal is releasing to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC soon.