Disney and Nintendo Reveal Epic Mickey: Rebrushed for Switch

A Revamped Version of Disney’s Epic Mickey is On the Way

In a collaboration between Nintendo and Disney, fans of the beloved 2010 3D platformer “Epic Mickey” are in for a treat with the announcement of “Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed.” Unveiled during the Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase, this updated version promises a host of enhancements and new features, breathing fresh life into Mickey’s magical adventure.

Developed by Purple Lamp Studios in conjunction with THQ Nordic and Disney, “Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed” revitalizes the iconic title for a new generation of players. While the original game, developed by Disney’s now-defunct Junction Point Studios, enchanted gamers on the Wii, this enhanced edition brings Mickey’s escapades to the Nintendo Switch with a slew of upgrades.

The trailer released by Nintendo offers a tantalizing glimpse into the reimagined world of “Disney Epic Mickey.” Mickey Mouse, armed with a whole new set of skills, embarks on a whimsical journey filled with challenges and discoveries. Players can expect an enriched gameplay experience that combines nostalgia with modern innovations, promising hours of entertainment for fans both old and new.

Notably, “Epic Mickey: Rebrushed” marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between Nintendo and Disney, showcasing their dedication to preserving beloved classics while introducing fresh elements to captivate contemporary audiences.

Originally released in 2010, “Epic Mickey” captivated gamers with its imaginative storytelling and inventive gameplay mechanics. The sequel, “Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two,” followed in 2012, along with a Nintendo 3DS spin-off titled “Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion.” Now, “Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed” continues the legacy, promising to reignite the magic of the original adventure on the Nintendo Switch platform.

While the release date for “Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed” on Switch is slated for later this year, details regarding its availability on additional platforms remain undisclosed. Fans eagerly anticipate diving back into the enchanting world of Disney with Mickey Mouse as their guide, ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through creativity and imagination.