Crab God Splashing to PC Later in 2024

Deep Sea Strategy

Sometimes being crabby is the the key to victory. At least when you are ruling an undersea kingdom. Yet, in this world, you are leading some crab people. It is your job to ensure the seabed thrives. However, be careful, not all of the sea life is as kind as your crabs. Today,  publisher Firesquid and developer Chaos Theory Games are excited to announce that their sidescrolling strategy game, Crab God, is releasing later this year. Inviting players under the sea, the game places them in charge of a civilization of little crab people. These loveable little crabs will be following player’s orders as they try to create a vibrant ecosystem on the sea bed. A teaser gives players a pinch of gameplay to check out what’s in store. 

Crab God

Crab God allows players to become the titular being. Ruling over their Crabling disciples, players will focus their peoples efforts on creating a beautiful and thriving ecosystem. Yet the game allows players to have an impact beyond the virtual. Integrating into the game, the game converts virtual action into real-world impacts. Importantly, completing levels and challenges will help plant new trees, clean up real world oceans, and more. Of course, leading the Crablings, players will direct them how to build up their reef, attracting new species that players can learn real facts about.

Of course, players can check out how Crab God blends sidescrolling and strategy in a new trailer. View the trailer below.

Crab God is releasing for PC via Steam later in 2024.