The Three Best and Worst Video Games From September 2021

3 Up, 3 Down – September 2021

Wake me up when September ends, as it is time to have a look back at the best and worst games of the month. September 2021 has given us a number of solid video game releases, but also some not-so-great ones…

The Good

Lost Judgment

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The Yakuza series just can’t miss, and its spinoff series is no different as Lost Judgment is another quality title. The sequel to Judgment, Lost Judgment continues its beat-em-up ways to great success with its combat, gameplay, and visuals. In our review, we found that “although the game’s structure closely follows the path paved by its predecessors, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has refined and developed its conventions to create one of their finest releases to date.”


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Eastward is almost the definition of an instant classic, combining a great old school aesthetic with strong gameplay. Among its bright spots are an amazing setting, lovely characterization, and good pacing. In our review, we make note that “Eastward is a game about a journey and the characters you meet along the way.”


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Perhaps the biggest game of the month was Deathloop, an Arkane developed title focusing on an assassin stuck in, for a lack of better words, a death loop. With its flexible approach to objectives, excellent narrative, and overall uniqueness, Deathloop definitely lives up to expectations. In our review, we conclude that “Deathloop is an addictive and rewarding shooter and one of the most ambitious action games this year.”