Win a Bunch of Xbox and Deathloop Merchandise in Giveaway

Battle for Blackreef

If you are have some luck on your side, now might be a really good time to put it to use. Bethesda and Arkane Lyon are holding a giveaway for last week’s release of Deathloop on Xbox Series X|S. Some very neat stuff is up for grabs.

Right now, the submissions are open for a bunch of Deathloop-related items. They all range in value, but they’re all cool for hardcore fans. The big ticket item is the custom Xbox Series X. The console and controller come plastered with some sick art inspired by the game. It has a value of $500.


The next tier of prize is the Xbox Series X|S controller. It has a black and orange color scheme with gold triggers and D pad. Otherwise, it is a pretty standard controller with a value of $70.

For the art appreciators, there are two more items. There is a Deathloop art book and two-piece vinyl collection. The art book’s size and contents have not been detailed, but you can bet it is full of concept art and character models. The vinyl collection has a 2-disc LP and 4-disc LP. It’s unclear why they are spread out like that, but they will be nice to have around, if you have a turntable.

In order to enter, comment on their tweet with #BethesdGiveaway. Also, be sure to add either #TeamJulianna or #TeamColt, depending on who you stan. You can enter from now until October 2nd.

On September 29th, the Bethesda and Arkane Lyon teams will be playing against fans in Deathloop. You can also enter for a chance to play with them by entering your Steam, Xbox, or PlayStation IDs. The event will be streamed, so be on top of your game.

Deathloop is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Will you be entering the giveaway or play against the devs? Let us know in the comments below.