Foundry, Factory Sim, Turning On In October

Creative Construction 

It’s time to construct your own factory, build your own world. Of course it’s gonna take a lot of work, but once you have that automation going, you’ll be golden. Today MEDER Dynamics is happy to announce that their factory building sim, Foundry, is making its Steam debut at Next Fest in October. A press release provides all the important info about the game. Additionally, the gameplay trailer gives players a glimpse of what they can expect at Next Fest come October 3rd-10th. 


Inspired by games such as Factorio and Minecraft, Foundry introduces players to an infinite world.  Landing in one of the many biomes, players begin their factory building adventure. Of course this includes building, mining, researching, and expanding, their brand new factory. Collect resources and produce goods. Importantly, you will have to be creative to keep things running smoothly. This will include a stable, and energy efficient, power supply to keep all the machines active. Of course, players get to explore this world in first-person, and really feel the exploration. 

Importantly players can get a look at the gameplay of Foundry in the new gameplay trailer. Additionally, it gives players a feel for the game as well as a glimpse of the art style. 

Foundry is coming to Steam with it’s debut at Steam Next Fest. Next Fest takes place October 3rd-10th. So, are you ready to begin constructing and automating your own factory? Then make sure you’re ready to jump into Foundry, and check it out at Next Fest.