The Three Best (and Worst) Video Games from January 2023

3 Up, 3 Down – January 2023

January 2023 was a slim month for video game releases, which is pretty typical. Most games came out during the second half of the month. And there weren’t really any crazy high or low scores. But that can make for a fun 3 Up, 3 Down article. One of the games in this article was actually a very late December release. And one of our “Bad” games actually scored a 70, but because there was so much hype and promise behind it, we decided to include it as a disappointment. The Three Best (and Worst) Video Games from January 2023 are:

The Good

Dead Space Remake

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Dead Space is a classic. It’s considered one of the great games of the PS360 generation. It’s so good, that many might question why it needed a remake, as opposed to a simple remaster. After all, we just got Callisto Protocol. Well, the Dead Space remake nailed it. Every little element was improved upon. And some parts, like the zero gravity sections, were expanded upon to great effect. And the limb severing system has been turned into peeling away layers of skin and muscle, before smashing bone. Our reviewer concluded “While the game carefully follows the path laid by the original, the number of refinements makes this the definitive version.”

Monster Hunter Rise (PS5)

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Almost two years after its release for the Switch, Monster Hunter Rise got released for everything else. This wasn’t just a straight port, the PS5 version takes advantage of the console’s powerful hardware, and is a vastly improved visual experience. There are a few aspects that make it not quite as good as Monster Hunter World. But Monster Hunter Rise is still one of the franchise’s best. Our reviewer found “it was well worth waiting for the graphically improved version”. Note that the Sunbreak DLC is on its way, but wasn’t included in this base version of Monster Hunter Rise.

Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider

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Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider is our first totally new game in the Three Best (and Worst) Video Games from January 2023. It’s by the same studio that made the excellent 2D titles Oniken, Odallus: The Dark Call, and Blazing Chrome. They’re 4 for 4, this time crafting a 2D action platformer about a cyborg ninja. The controls are deliberate, and the levels can be played in any order. It’s a short game, but has lots of replayability value. Our reviewer also noted that “The 80s inspirations hit all the right nostalgia buttons”.