Street Fighter V Version 1.09 – Thanks For The Version We Should Have Received In February

Street Fighter V Version 1.09 Report

Street Fighter V Version 1.09 has arrived, and it’s the last of Capcom’s prophesized major updates. This one is all good news, because we’ve got our final character, and we finally have the version of Street Fighter V that we should have had on disc in February. And guess what? It’s a total 9.5.

The biggest part of this update is that Urien, originally from Street Fighter III, is now available to use. If you’ve beaten Cinematic Story Mode, you already got to use him for a fight, but now Season Pass holders, and those rich with Fight Money, can fight with him whenever they like, (except for Day 1 of the update, when the servers were down). He’s a strong character with a lot of charge moves, which all result in tackles. He also has a hadoken-style projectile called Metallic Sphere. Urien is definitely a character that I will be using.

Street Fighter V Version 1.09

But maybe the most desired part of this update is the ability to battle the CPU locally. This isn’t a full-tilt Arcade Mode, but players can now practice against a CPU when they have no friends around.

Under the Challenge menu, there are now timed, daily mission objectives. These missions reward the player with precious fight money. Objectives range from making hadokens, to fighting in ranked matches. Different amounts of Fight Money are given, ranging from 100 to 5000. There are currently 4 missions that all expire September 29.

Most of the original stages now have environment stage KOs. Fight Profiles will now be updated and stat tracked, for folks to find patterns in their moves, good or bad.

Street Fighter V Version 1.09

There’s a lot of good news for players that appreciate their alternate fighter colors. Colors 3-10 for all DLC characters are now included (and retroactively granted). Premium Costume purchases also include colors 3-10. Default Costume and Story Costume Colors 3-10 can be purchased in bundles now for $4.99 (real money).

There’s also a whole bunch of tweaking and bug fixes.

Street Fighter V Version 1.09

All of these changes are great news, and it’s basically a given that Capcom will continue to tweak and create additions to Street Fighter V. They have responded to buyer feedback, and added penalties for rage quitters, and a Vs. CPU Mode, so keep it locked to COGconnected for all for Street Fighter V needs.